We are a Black Belt Academy. Professor D. Melone holds a BJJ black belt given to him personally by Legendary Brazilian Master Paulao Rezende of Carlos Gracie lineage. Rising Sun is an accredited IBJJF Academy (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) and ADCC Academy.

Well known and respected for many years throughout the New Jersey MMA and BJJ competition circuit, Rising Sun produces more than just champions, we are committed to bringing world class instruction and knowledge to the non-competitor as well. Understanding that not everyone wants to fight in a cage or compete on the mats, we have something here for everyone.

Exercise, strength gains, weight loss, personal empowerment, camaraderie and overall fun is part of our lifestyle in our friendly environment. Sometimes just knowing that you are training alongside real active fighters and grapplers can be a super boost to your confidence. Your training will be customized to your age and abilities. BJJ is for everyone!

Kids are our future...they need to be active...they need exercise, human interaction, discipline, work ethic and self-defense. Jiu Jitsu may be for your child. Kids build confidence, are physically active and build friendships at the same time at Rising Sun.